Remote Support - Step by Step Instructions

Call system services to book a time for remote support.

Download Remote Support

Click on the download button on the right to download the software. Please save to your desktop and the below icon should appear on your desktop.

The Desktop Icon

Open the icon on your desktop and select run. Your system may ask to allow changes, select yes.

The desktop icon will remain after the session has finished (this does not mean we can access your system at any time, a new ID and Password has to be generated each time for access). You are welcome to leave the icon on your desktop for any future support.

Generate an ID and Password

The application will generate an ID and Password; the support technician will need this password to access your computer, read out the ID and Password.

Once we have this information we can access your system and look into your issue.


Remote Support Rates

$55inc per Incident (fault)  +  $22inc per 15 minutes